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THE RUNNER'S EDGE/Garry Gribble's Running Sports Clinics 2017 Schedule

Please note: All clinics are free and open to the public. They will be held at either the 119th & Quivira or Ward Parkway Mall Garry Gribble's Running Sports store (http://www.garrygribbles.com), 6:30-7:30pm, one Thursday each month.
RSVP at least 1 day in advance to runnersedge@everestkc.net.
Those who RSVP will receive a 20% discount that evening at that Garry Gribble’s store!

Date/Place Topic
January 26
Ward Parkway
“Advanced Training Methods for Endurance Performance”
Are you looking for a PR in your next race? Would you like to train for your next marathon without getting injured? If so, Sports Chiropractor Dr. Tom Teter will discuss 3 keys to improving your speed, as well as the main factors related to training injury free. These methods are well documented by research, and have been used by elite and professional athletes looking to gain a performance edge.
February 23
Stoll Park
"Proper Breathing, Stability, and Mobility for Runners"
Sports Chiropractor Dr. Nate Backer will discuss proper breathing techniques and its importance for quality motor control and stability. He will also lead a hands on clinic that covers self mobilization techniques for certain joints and stability techniques for other joints.
March 23
Ward Parkway
"Nutrition Q&A for Runners"
Nutritionist Sally Berry will solicit your questions up front and address them in this special Q&A presentation. She’ll share sound advice on how to fuel the body for endurance and deal with the confusion surrounding supplements, protein, carbs, and fats as well as how to safely incorporate weight management while training. Bring your questions!
April 27
Stoll Park
“Will running shorten or lengthen your life? Evidence and Controversy”
Why do you run? Is it for fun, weight loss, stress release or a myriad of other reasons? Whatever the reason, many wonder if running is good for you or is it harmful? In this clinic, Cardiologist Dr. Bill Brodine will review the information about running benefits and risks with emphasis on the controversy about high mileage and high intensity running possibly increasing the risk of premature cardiovascular disease and dying. Much has been learned in the past few years and some of it may surprise you.
May 18
Ward Parkway
“Efficient Running with better Form”
Sports Chiropractor Dr. Robert Sindorf-will demonstrate good running form and how to correct common flaws to lower the risk of injury while improving training & race performance.
June 15
Ward Parkway
"Kansas City Marathon Kickoff Meeting: How to Train for your Hometown Marathon"
Coach Eladio Valdez-will talk about the NEW training guidelines to set yourself up for a positive first time experience or PR on October 21. Half marathon training tips will be addressed as well.
July 20
Stoll Park
"Runner’s Jeopardy"
Sports Medicine Dr. Michael Khadavi-will address a variety of hot topics for runners in this interactive format similar to the game show Jeopardy.
August 24
Stoll Park

“Lessons from 20 Years of Coaching Runners”
Coach Eladio Valdez-will share the most helpful running lessons gleaned from his 20 years in serving as the Runner’s Edge coach. This is also a great time to ask him any question!
September 20
Ward Parkway
"Marathon & Half Marathon Race Day Tips"
Coach Eladio Valdez-will share how to avoid the most common mistakes in a marathon or half marathon and learn how to set yourself up for a positive and successful race starting with the taper. Get the specifics on how to handle the course and replenish intelligently.